The RR Chocolate is a Bean-to-Chocolate chocolatier & confectionery company where the brand controls every step of the journey from sourcing of the highest quality cocoa beans to the creation of the world finest chocolate products.

We source only the finest ingredients

The RR Chocolate makers & chocolatiers are crafting every minute of an hour to make world class quality chocolate that you deserve through acquiring the best techniques, sourcing high quality ingredients and their enduring passion for creative excellence.

From Bean-to-Chocolate: A model that ensure quality

In order to ensure the highest quality chocolate product for our customers, we take on the responsibility to control the entire chocolate making process in our state-of-the art facilities.

Bean Sourcing

RR Bean Sourcing Specialist team source a selection of the best cocoa beans from different regions. These techniques of mix blending cocoa beans are closely guarded secret. The RR Chocolate is one of the few Bean-to-Chocolate makers in the world.

Special Roasting Technique

To create the unique chocolate aroma & delicious flavors. The RR Chocolate processes cocoa beans to cocoa liquor in our own facilities. The closely guarded roasting process that ensures a perfect balance between roasting temperature and duration is what gives our chocolate it’s unique aroma.

Chocolate Making

The RR Chocolate Scientist grind, refine and temper our high-quality chocolate into these exquisite & delicious range of premium chocolate products and confectioneries.

We hope you enjoy our Bean-to-Chocolate products as much as we love creating it from scratch; derived only from the finest cocoa beans.

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